Supercar Vlogger Drives Our Supercars

December, 2018

What do our Ferrari 488 Spider, the McLaren 570S, the Lamborghini Huràcan Spyder, and the Porsche 911 GT3 all have in common?

Well, for one you can drive any of these beauties with Supercar Hire. Just give us a bell or drop us a line and we’ll hook you up. But secondly, these fine machines all had the privilege of being driven by everybody’s favourite supercar vlogger Tim Burton, a.k.a. Shmee150, on his recent trip to AutoXotica, our supercar club partner.

If you aren’t already acquainted with Shmee’s fantastic supercar content then be sure to check out his official YouTube channel. Shmee has been living the supercar dream for the past eight years. The vlogger has travelled the world test-driving all the latest exotic cars and getting up to all sorts of other supercar shenanigans which he shares in his regular vlogs.

Back-to-Back Supercar Showdown

Shmee at AutoXotica

Shmee’s visit to AutoXotica’s Donington HQ wasn’t any old social call. (Though he’s most definitely welcome to pop by any time.) The supercar vlogger turned up with a particular purpose in mind; to check out the supercar club’s fantastic membership benefits and, as you’d expect from any devoted petrolhead, to get behind the wheel of a few choice supercars.

The AutoXotica team lined up four of their fleet’s finest for a back-to-back showdown. Shmee would take each supercar for a drive around Derbyshire, giving him the perfect opportunity to compare each supercar on the same road conditions. Furthermore, as Shmee himself admitted, this back-to-back experience would also allow for a more instantaneous, hands-on analysis of each car’s pros and cons.

So what did Shmee have to say about these supercars? Find out below.

Ferrari 488 Spider

A Ferrari in signature rosso corsa is guaranteed to make a mind-blowing first impression. And Shmee was certainly impressed with the 488 Spider’s powerful cold start and sleek design, inside and out. On the road, the Italian stallion delivers a playful driving experience making for an effortless, dynamic cruise that gives the driver complete control. This is a supercar that is all about immediacy, precision, and power.

McLaren 570S

Putting aside its striking orange paint job and subtle curves, the McLaren 570S is altogether a more controlled and – gasp – road-friendly driving proposition. But don’t be fooled by this British supercar’s cultivated façade. Switch the engine into track mode and it gets truly fierce. With a top speed of 204mph, you’ll be leaving any regular road travellers in the dust in no time at all.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Shmee was treated to a second helping of exquisite Italian motor engineering during his supercar showdown at AutoXotica. When compared to its Ferrari rival, however, the Lambo has a whole lot more beast hiding beneath its external beauty. As Shmee was quick to point out, the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 is loud, raw and aggressive. Aside from its coolness factor, there’s plenty of fun to be had pushing the Huracan’s cacophonous, naturally aspirated V10 engine to the limit. They don’t call it the raging bull for nothing.

Porsche 911 GT3

Shmee finished off the showdown with a spin in the Porsche 911 GT3. Having owned one himself, the vlogger was familiar with the 911’s characteristics and quirks. But that didn’t stop him from having a good time revving up the naturally aspirated flat-six engine. In Shmee’s own words the GT3 is “a thoroughbred track car that is road legalised.” Porsche consistently deliver quality German engineering precision, giving petrolhead’s a drive that is swift and nimble on both the track and road.

Drive Them Yourself

AutoXotica supercars

Shmee had a blast trying out these four amazing supercars. Watch his full video to see which supercar he crowned the reigning champ.

Want to experience these four dynamic driving performances for yourself? Then hire the Ferrari 488 Spider, the McLaren 570S, the Lamborghini Huràcan Spyder, or the Porsche 911 GT3 from Supercar Hire.

And if you want to have your own supercar showdown, then look into our exclusive driving experience. Drive three high-end supercars out on the open road. Get onboard instruction from a professional racing driver. Plus there’s also lunch and a sneak peek of our supercar club to enjoy.

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