Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1.1. Opening hours are 09:00–17:30 Monday to Friday and Saturday 09:00–12:00.

1.2. Usage times for collection and drop off are as follows:

Weekdays: pick-up 12:00; drop off 10:00.

Weekends: pick-up Friday 12:00; drop off Monday 10:00.

1.3. Clients cars may be left at our HQ during the period that the client is using one of our cars. In such case, clients’ vehicle and their contents are left at the Clients own risk and Supercar Hire will not be liable for any theft or damage that occurs to the clients' car while left at HQ.

1.4. In the exceptional event, a car is unavailable at the time of collection, Supercar Hire reserves the right to offer a suitable replacement car if available within a comparable price range as agreed by us. If a suitable replacement vehicle is not available, the Supercar Hire liability is limited to reimbursement of clients money used for the booking in question.

1.5. All clients will be required to sign a Handover Document at the time of collection. The client acknowledges that by signing the Handover Document at the time of collection of a car, that the information included on the Handover Document is correct and that the car is without apparent defect unless otherwise noted thereon. The client undertakes to return the car in the same condition it was collected in, along with any ancillary documents, spare parts and accessories, at the time and location agreed with us.

1.6. Mileage will be recorded at the beginning of the booking and will be noted on the Handover Sheet. The daily mileage allowance as agreed by Supercar Hire is 150 miles per day unless otherwise stated on the Handover Sheet. Additional miles may be purchased on the collection of the vehicle. Any mileage that exceeds the agreed amount, will be charged at £3.61, plus an administration fee of £80.

1.7. All supercars leave the HQ with a minimum of a quarter tank of fuel and must be returned with the agreed amount of fuel at the end of the booking. Cars returned with less than the agreed amount of fuel will be charged for refuelling the tank to the agreed amount at full local rates plus an administration charge of £80. Only specifically stated fuel (97 RON) is allowed to be used with the vehicles.

1.8. Where any car is returned by a client later than the allocated time for such return, a late fee will be applied proportionately on a day rate, plus an administration fee of £80.

1.9. All drivers must have a full UK or EU driving licence and must be able to produce it upon pick-up of the car.


2.1. Clients are required to take good care of the cars at all times when they are in their possession or control. They must drive with due care and attention at all times and ensure that the cars are securely locked, alarmed and immobilised and kept in a safe place when not in use. The car as per agreement must come back in the same condition it left in. Any anomalies to the vehicle check conducted at the office prior to the client leaving with the vehicle will be charged for.

2.2. The Driver agrees and acknowledges that all of the cars carry a sophisticated Dashboard Camera and tracking device and that the usage of the cars will be continuously monitored for safe and responsible driving, for speed, vehicle location and direction of travel in real time, and will note that we have the ability to immobilise any vehicle at any time. The client agrees to notify us in advance in the event that a car is to be parked in a location (such as underground parking) where the tracking device may not receive a signal. Acknowledgement of any reckless or dangerous driving which is deemed inappropriate by us will be documented on return and could ultimately result in lifetime bans if we deem appropriate. Supercar Hire uses the agreed devices as a monitoring platform for the security of both clients and our vehicles—the Dashboard Camera system is for visual recording only and has no ability to record sound and will adhere to the ‘General Data Protection Regulation of 2018.’

2.3. We reserve the right to demand the return of a car at any time or immobilise the vehicle if we detect, or have reason to suspect, the vehicle is being used outside our guidelines.

2.4. Our cars can be driven only by clients, who must have successfully completed our in-house supercar induction training before being allowed to drive.

2.5. Our cars must not be loaned out or entrusted to any third party, including valet parkers, ferry loaders etc.

2.6. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted and no pets or other animals are allowed in any of our cars at any time. In the event of any breach of this rule, the client will be charged a fee of £400 plus VAT to valet/deep clean the vehicle and a full day’s payment will also be deducted to cover the period that the Car is being cleaned.

2.7. Young children (under 12) and babies must not be allowed to sit in the front passenger seat of any car under any circumstance.

2.8. Clients acknowledge and accept that all fines and charges (including, without limitation, congestion charges, tolls, refuelling costs, repair costs, insurance excesses, parking or speeding fines or penalties, delivery/collection charges) incurred while using our vehicles, will be charged to and payable by the client. We reserve the right to charge an additional £80 administration fee on top of any fine or charge the client has incurred during the booking.

2.9. The client acknowledges and accepts full responsibility and accountability and shall indemnify Supercar Hire in full in respect of any and all driving, parking and traffic violations in the United Kingdom and all other costs and charges referred to in these Rules.

2.10. Our cars may not be used on track days, races, road trials or other organised events.


3.1. In the event of any accident, damage, loss or breakdown of a car, clients must inform us at their earliest convenience and in all cases within 24 hours.

3.2. In the event of damage or vehicle breakdown, clients must immediately discontinue use of the car if further use of the car would or could cause further damage. Clients must not abandon the car without making adequate provision for safeguarding and securing the vehicle.

3.3. In the event of damage (including but not limited to drivetrain, internal and external body parts, wheels, or spoilers, and whether or not such damage is a result of theft, flooding, vandalism or fuel contamination) while in the clients' care, the client agrees to pay on demand all expenses and costs relating to the insurance policy excess. Where any such damage is not covered by our insurance policy, the client agrees to pay to Supercar Hire on demand the total amount of the loss. In the event that the client is a company, partnership or unincorporated organisation, then it shall be responsible for the actions of those persons that it has nominated as its named drivers, and shall be liable for and shall indemnify Supercar Hire in respect thereof.

3.4. Tyres on the vehicles are changed as per manufacturer and legal parameters met through Fair Wear and Tear Policy in accordance with the BVRLA. The high performance nature of these tyres means they cannot be safely repaired and must always be replaced in the event of damage. Any cost of replacement of tyres due to puncture or abuse will be payable by the client. If a client expects to exceed the pre-agreed mileage allowance while using the vehicle over the period of one week, he/she should inform us in advance so that we can ensure the car remains inside its legal tyre thread and service interval limits.

3.5. Clients may be offered the opportunity to purchase an Excess Waiver (EW), which may be used by a client at his/her option in respect of any (one) accident/incident damage to a car while in the clients' custody or control. Each EW purchased may be used once only. In order for the EW to be valid and for the client to be able to use his or her EW he or she must have paid for it prior to the date of the relevant accident. Purchasing EW also gives the opportunity of a reduced deposit contribution, subject to our authorisation.

3.6. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any client or any passengers in any car.


4.1. Use of any car by clients is subject to the terms of our insurance policy. Any changes to the clients' driving record may invalidate the insurance cover, so clients must inform us immediately of any new convictions or criminal offences (driving-related or otherwise) before the next car usage takes place in the vehicle. The following activities are not covered by our insurance policy and are strictly prohibited:

• Participation in any speed trial, race, track day event or competition of any kind (whether timed or not) or use on racetracks (current or retired) either in the UK or abroad

• Any kind of towing

• Any carriage of passengers or cargo for profit or remuneration or rental to any third party of any of our cars

• Any carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature

• Any use other than personal, domestic, social and normal use by the client

• Any use if the driver is under medical treatment or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other such substance which may affect the perception or reactions of the driver

• Any use at any hazardous sites or in prohibited or restricted areas

• Any use of a car in a manner which does not meet the manufacturer’s or the club’s specification or safety guidelines (copies of which are available from us on request)

• No vehicle can be used for any marketing or advertising purposes unless agreed in advance with Supercar Hire

4.2. In the event that any car is used by a client for any uninsured purpose, the client will be personally liable and shall be liable to indemnify us for the full cost of any damage caused to the car, any other property or any injury that may arise either directly or indirectly therefrom and any resulting costs or expenses (including without limitation the cost of hiring a suitable equivalent replacement vehicle for any period while the car is being repaired or (if a total loss) while a suitable replacement vehicle is obtained.

4.3. In the event of any insurance claim (other than in respect of theft or conversion of our car, to which section 1.3 of these Rules shall apply), the client will be liable to pay to us the full amount of the applicable insurance policy excess (currently £5000) unless the client elects to use an Excess Waiver (EW) that he/she has purchased and not used previously, to reduce the insurance policy excess.

4.4. Clients must complete an insurance claim form and provide a witness statement detailing the circumstances of an accident within 24 hours of the accident (whether or not any third party is involved) and must fully and truthfully cooperate with us and its insurer in relation thereto, including in relation to any legal proceedings that may be involved.


5.1. Supercar Hire reserves the right to change any of these Rules and any fees, costs or charges referred to herein at any time. We will inform clients of any such changes as soon as reasonably possible and in any event before their next car booking.

5.2. Clients agree to the storage and processing of any personal details provided by them to us. Such information may be transferred with discretion to any associated or affiliated businesses unless requested otherwise by the Client in writing.

5.3. Any notices may be given to the client by post, email or delivered by hand to the last address notified to us by that client and shall be deemed to be received immediately in case of email or delivery by hand or after 48 hours if sent First Class or by recorded or special delivery post.

5.4. Nothing in these Rules shall give any person who is not a party hereto any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term or terms of these Rules.

5.5. If any provision of these Rules (or part thereof) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of these Rules, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these  Rules shall not be affected. The provision that has been found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable.

5.6. Supercar Hire may assign the benefit of the Agreement to any member of its groups or to any third party in connection with any reorganisation or disposal of the whole or a part of its business and assets.

5.7. Nothing in these Rules shall limit the liability of any party in the case of fraud.

5.8. These Rules shall at all times be governed and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in the event of any dispute.

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