6 Tempting Benefits Of Renting A Supercar

February, 2018

Renting vs. buying a supercar offers many benefits too irresistible to overlook. Before you splash out, check out how you can reel in better value and a better experience for your investment.

Loads more affordable

Try working out the down payment, sales tax, annual licence and insurance payments, monthly payments, maintenance costs and depreciation of that supercar you’ve got your eyes on. Factor in that you probably won’t use it weekdays and not every weekend, as there will be other things demanding your attention. You’ll discover just how much that supercar might cost you per outing and realise that it really makes more sense to rent.

Better value for money

Rental means you only pay per use! You are not wasting your money on all those aforementioned expenses (initial investment, depreciation, maintenance and repairs, etc.) if your supercar somehow ends up sitting in your garage collecting dust. When it comes to selling, it can also be heartbreaking to realise just how little your baby is worth on the very exclusive supercar market, compared to what you initially invested.


Renting and leasing is particularly convenient because you get a fully-functional car every time. No inopportune last-minute breakdowns, meaning you can’t use your car to that special event you’ve been waiting for, no costly repairs (exotic car parts cost a small fortune) and no regular maintenance costs and hassles. Basically, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all. You just hop in, drive that sexy car and take it back when you’ve finished!

More variety

Why get stuck with one car when you can have many?  Renting means you drive a Porsche today, a Lamborghini the next and a Ferrari on that special occasion. You’re still driving a supercar, just the experience is exquisitely different every time!

No-one will know any better

Beyond a driving experience that only those who have owned or driven supercars could truly understand, owning an exotic car has always been somewhat of a status symbol. But now, the experience is available whether you rent or own the car (or cars) and no-one will know any better.

Convenient and easy

No more stress about whether you are making the right choice of investment in a supercar. Are you ready to get what you want when you want, worry-free and hassle-free? It’s really as simple and easy as making a phone call, so don 't hesitate and contact Supercar Hire to book your favourite today.


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