5 Unique Experiences A Track Day Will Grant You

January, 2018

Relish the thrill of handling the world’s most awesome supercars, harness their power, release the speed and unleash the driving champion in you. A track day is a unique opportunity to experience ultimate driving for all these reasons:

1. Harness supercar power

Ever imagined what it might be like to drive a supercar at full speed? Why dream, when you can have the experience? Track days are your opportunity to discover two, three, six or nine different supercars at their maximum potential. Choose from a dazzling line-up that includes Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Jaguar and loads more sexy supercharged performers!

2. Release the speed

Feel the incomparable thrill of accelerating from 0 to 62 miles in under 3 seconds and zipping down the track at exhilarating speeds! We’re on about cars that have an engine power of up to 602 BHP which, in combination with all the other trimmings, makes track days the ideal opportunity for you to experience the speed, power and performance of supercars at their best – a rare opportunity unavailable on the road. Are you ready to push that pedal straight to the metal?

3. Unleash the driving champion in you

Test your driving skills on straights and curves and work that speed in ways you never imagined you could. Feel what real road handling is at the wheel of marvellous, high-performance supercars that take ultimate control and maneuverability to a different level. Furthermore, gain crucial tips and tricks from professional racing drivers to make these powerful beauties submit to your command.

4. A celebration of cars and driving

Fuel your passion for cars and driving with like-minded enthusiasts and fanatics. Supercars are the superior art of automobiles and if you appreciate the science behind every aerodynamic form, every chosen material, every mechanical refinement and every creative effort made to make these cars what they are, you’ll certainly enjoy a track day.

Warning: If you’re not mad about supercars yet, you might be after a day on the track!

5. You choose the track experience you want!

Select the track experience you want - it’s all there for you for the taking. Choose from up to six track day options, on different tracks, in two to nine cars from a selection available. You can even drive some cars on the track and others on the road! Still not sure whether you’re ready for this? Try the Track Taster Session to discover if it’s for you.


If you become addicted to the supercar track experience, there’s no need to go cold turkey. In fact, we knock a generous chunk of ££s off supercar rentals for all track day participants. After all, who wouldn’t want to pull up into their own driveway with a jaw-dropping beauty for company?

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